Our Services

Blending our experience with technology and style, we master the art of providing web development services by delivering flexible solutions that perfectly suit your business needs. We empower smart, connected products (devices) and environments and create personalized customer experiences in the real time. 

As a leading Custom Software Development and IT resourcing company, we can get you the most experienced personnel who can work with the running level of technology and deliver you the expected results as desired. For more details, give us a call right now! 

Looking towards the augmentation in technology, business leaders have recognized the need to minimize costs and enhance business value through the IT solutions and strategies that enable seamless stability and growth. Therefore, with the best solutions, we offer cloud development services by utilizing scalable, reliable and virtual resources for leveraging state-of-the-art services under the best packages. 

No matter the size and objective of your industry, our team will always be on toes in catering to your requirement and finding the right cloud development solution so you operate confidently in the digital space. 

JAYTECH is a leading company in establishing AI ML models for increasing productivity, automating tasks and innovating on an enterprise ready platform helping you to manage the entire system seamlessly. 

Our team of data scientists and AI developers can strategically formulate the algorithms that suit your business model by overcoming challenges and forthcoming opportunities.  Through this, we can help you with Text Analytics, Image Analytics, Facial detection, Video analytics and many more for an accurate recognition of an object. 

JAYTECH is a confluence of experts who can create cutting edge mobile apps to skyrocket your business and push your brand forward. Our engineers and analyst understand every type of mobile devices down to its cores. Besides that, we also offer end to end mobile app development services right from designing to development and deployment. 

Our developers and professional designers keep abreast of the latest market trends and accordingly deliver the most incredible mobile app development services without compromising the quality standards. 

Leveraging the smart assets, JAYTECH is extensively involved in bringing competitive advantage and higher profits to your business through reliable IoT solutions with technology-enabled and automated connectivity & intelligence. 

To embark on the IoT journey, we strive towards providing insights to clients facilitating for road map creation, business case preparation, Domain-based Value Stream Mapping and business intelligence integration to business users for process & productivity optimization.

Unveiling the insights through large scale data science capabilities, we can accelerate your growth by optimizing business processes and working deeply with data science solutions. 

Through this, we can help you with Customer Analytics Solutions and Services, Predictive Analytics Solutions, Time Series Forecasting, and Operational Analytics for making smarter decisions and enhancing the productivity of your business. 

JAYTECH with a team of professionals can create a DevOps Assessment roadmap by envisioning the desired state and evaluating the noticeable metrics. We leverage and incorporate your existing tools with our scalable ecosystem of open source and licensed tools as a part of pilot framework creation. 

Bridging the gap between creation and implementation, we automate the entire process pipeline right from the beginning and perform end to end security integration to create an impact on your digital business. 

At JAYTECH, we have skilled analysts who are well versed and highly experienced with different types of automated and manual testing to deliver you the outstanding results. We incorporate the latest technology to provide your business with better-than-expected results because our goal is to achieve uncompromised product quality. 

Our QA team undergo rigorous Quality and UX audit, Software Validation, Security and Compliance tests, Code Reviews and performance evaluation to successfully meet the goals of your organization.  

JAYTECH is specialized in user experience design and contributes crucially in crafting interactive designs to bridge business goals and user’s needs. As one of the best UI UX designing companies, we blend modern technology with an innovative approach in creating responsive and adaptive designs with uniform cross-platform compatibility.

Whether it is on a mobile application, social media campaign, website, email campaign or even ad banner, we can deliver intuitive and compelling designs for a unique digital experience. Our UX has enabled clients in improving their brand identity and increasing customer loyalty. 

Our Team

Our team has vast experience with more than 37 years in Building Services. We have domain expertise in all Building services including:
  1. HVAC
  2. Electrical, Solar
  3. PHE
  4. Fire, Life safety
  5. Security
  6. IBMS
  7. Vertical Transportation
Our prime focus is on Digital Transformation to optimize on:
  1. Energy efficiency
  2. Energy Conservation
  3. Sustainability
  4. Improvement in PUE in Data Centers-Power Usage Effectiveness
  5. User friendly & full proof Operating Procedures
  6. Resiliency
  7. Concurrently Maintainable system designs
  8. Robust feedback systems like IBMS for Maintenance Schedules to minimize unplanned break down

Our capabilities & Offerings

We have our capabilities to effectively use various tools/applications according to Building Life cycle
  1. Autocad
  2. Revit-3D Model/li>
  3. Cooling Load Analysis -ASHRAE based
  4. Sun path Diagrams
  5. Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis
We can offer the most optimum Digital solutions at various stages of Building Life Cycle for new as well as retrofit:
  1. Design
  2. Construction
  3. Testing & Commissioning
  4. Facility Management-Operations & Maintenance