We follow a three step easy-to-apply process for software development, recruitment and staffing solutions-

Understanding the Job Description 

First of all, we understand the job description and expectation of the stakeholders for getting the right candidate into their organization. We post the requirement on trusted job portals and search for candidates who can fit this role. After receiving applicants from candidates, our professional review, analyse and conduct preliminary examination and interview. 

Screening the Candidates

JAYTECH is a #1 People Trusted Recruitment and Staffing Company that contributes crucially in hiring the best candidate for the organization. We screen the candidates and test their emotional and intelligence quotient. Besides that, we also confirm their joining period, current CTC, expected CTC and ask if they are ready to join on JAYTECH payroll. If required, we also conduct a background check to ensure the credibility of the candidate. No matter what, we put in our best to bridge the gap between candidates and respective stakeholders. 

Follow up with Stakeholders

After shortlisting the candidates, their CVs are sent to the stakeholders in the account. We will confirm the interview engagement and schedule team meeting with candidates and stakeholders. After the final discussion, the candidate will receive a selection notice or approval notice from the stakeholder to get started with the organization. 

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